Khaleesi bot commands

I am the proud owner of the bot named Khaleesi. I originally got the name from HBO hit show called Game of Thrones (GOT for short). The name Khaleesi means Queen. Where as on the GOT not only was Khaleesi a queen but she was the queen of the dragons. 

Khaleesi commands


This is normally an easy way to get rid of unwanted people in your channel or people who are causing trouble. 

.+ban *!loser@* #CowChat get out
.+ban *yousuck*!*@* %1h30m change your nick please


Removes the ban from the list of permanent bans stored on the bot. You may reference the ban by the number shown in .bans

.-ban *!loser@*
.-ban 12


This command simply gives operator status to the person in the channel. It doesn’t necessarily give them access to X. but it’s a good to have.

  • .op Nick
  • .op Nick Nick Nick

This command deOp anyone who may have been previously op for what ever the reason may be. 

.deop Nick


This command is almost like Op but this gives voice in the channel. This is normally given to known or active users. This is a must have when the channel is being moderated.

.voice Nick


This command just takes the voice away.

.devoice Nick


Who doesn’t like to show affection towards another chatter? Well, now we have the Kiss command. It has various saying for this command so you will never know where you will be kissing someone.

.k Nick


Sometimes people get on our nerves and we want to reach out and slap them. Now you can give them a virtual slap with this command.

.s Nick


You can now flirt with that special someone in the channel.

.flirt Nick


Yes, I know this may sound disgusting but hey we are all adults right? So why not have a little tongue action 😛

.lick Nick


We have a few songs set up in the bot that will allow the bot to sing to your special person.

.sing Nick


This command will kick the person of your choosing in various body parts. Be careful because the people who have access to the bot not only will it trigger this action but the bot will kick them from the channel too.

.kick Nick


A simple poke.

.poke Nick


This is the one I love the most. Maybe because I love spanking. 

.spank Nick



If you still have any questions or concerns about Khaleesi then please feel free to look for me (Christi) or one of my Managers (Naughty or `Prince) on Undernet