UndernetKitchen Rules

Like any organization, there are some fundamental rules to help make the channel a fun place to come and chat. Please familiarize yourself with them.
# Rule
1 #Undernetkitchen is an English speaking channel. You may use whatever language you want in private messages but use only English in the main channel.
2 #Undernetkitchen welcomes users of all ages.  It is a place to talk about food and recipes. So please leave all politics, religion, and anything negative at the door.  Excessively sexual behavior, nicks, idents, hosts, and usernames will not be tolerated.
3a Do not: Troll, including provocative references to politics or religion, insulting remarks about gender, race, ethnicity, nationality or sexual orientation, or any other conduct intended to annoy or disrupt the channel and its users.
3b Do not: Flood, including join/part floods, text floods, notice floods, repeated text, etc.
3c Do not: Co-channel with blacklisted channels, including sexually oriented channels, channels promoting repugnant activities, or channels known to harbor flooders and spammers.
3d Do not: Use foul or obscene language.
3e Do not: Harass or insult other users.
3f Do not: Fight with or flame other users.
3g Do not: Spam, including posting URLs, channel ads/invites or promotions/solicitations.
3h Do not: SHOUT (typing in all CAPS)
3i Do not: Use bold text, colors, underlines or other control codes.
3j Do not: Badger users with lame requests like “asl”, “msg me”, “any girls”, “cam to cam”, etc.
3k Do not: Post automated “now playing” playlist messages or repeated away messages.
3l Do not: Park bots/clones/drones in the channel without prior permission from the Senior Administrators.
4 If you use a script, you are responsible for knowing what your script does and how to turn off features that violate any of our rules, including automated /quit and /part messages. Users of problem scripts may be banned or face other consequences entirely.
5 Ban evasion will result in time being added to the existing ban and could lead to a permanent ban.
6 Report abuse or spam received in private message to an Operator, but be aware that Operators generally can’t police private messages—use /ignore to block unwanted chats (ask an Operator for assistance with this command if needed).
7 Follow the directions of Channel Operators without argument or whining.
8 If you have autovoice and are found to be voicing other users, your access and autovoice in #undernetkitchen will be revoked, and you may be banned for your actions.

If you need clarification regarding a ban or other Operator action, ask about it in a polite and respectful private message.
If you are not satisfied or believe that an Operator is abusing his or her position, please contact the channel manager (Christi) to lodge a complaint. Incoherent rants will not be taken seriously, so please stick to the facts and make sure to include what time (specify what time zone) the incident occurred so that we can research it using official channel logs.

Thanks for choosing #UndernetKitchen to chat in.
Happy Chatting!! =)