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Stuffed Cherry Tomatoes

I like snacking on cherry tomatoes so when I found a recipe for stuffed cherry tomatoes I couldn’t help but try it out. The recipe…

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Natchitoches Meat Pies

These tasty cajun meat pies are native to Natchitoches (pronounced NACK-uh-dish), Louisiana

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Mititei or mici is a traditional Romanian dish of grilled ground meat rolls made from a mixture of beef, lamb, and pork with spices, such…

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Armenian Meatballs

Meatballs can be made in a variety of different ways and still have a great effect on the food you are serving. Many people are…

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Calcutta Baked Chicken Pockets

This is a little taste of India and it’s really easy to make at home. You can substitute the chicken for either ham or pork. You may…

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Lebanese Beef Kebabs

Lebanese beef kebabs is a little different from Shish Tawook. Where as Shish Tawook is made from chicken and kebabs are normally made with beef….

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Shish Tawook Chicken Kabob- Lebanese style from Psycho

I have to admit I tend to show partiality when it comes to Lebanese food. With that being said, I will try any Lebanese recipe…

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Armenian Potatoes

There are many different ways a person can cook potatoes. Almost every country has “their” way of adding their “flare” to this everyday staple. I…

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Lebanese Meat Pies

Someone joined #Lebanese channel on Undernet and asked for this specifically. So I had to ask around for the exact recipe for this dish. Depending…

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The Best Cookie Dough Dip Ever

By now you have noticed that there are all kinds of different types of dip recipes that you can make from scratch but did you…

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