Queen of Dragons

I am a huge fan of the TV show Games of Thrones. So I wanted to make a bot one day and I decided to name her Khaleesi after one of my favorite characters from the TV show. Below you will find some very useful information regarding my bot and what she can do. Keep in mind things may change from day to day but this is a very basic lists of things she can do. 

Khaleesi Information

Global Masters: Naughty }P{ Pinky Rain

Individual channel managers will vary on the channel. So it is best to contact the channel manager of the channel that you are in first before contacting one of the people above. 

List of channels Khaleesi currently in (Undernet)

  • @#UndernetKitchen 
  • @#drama 
  • @#Gudy 
  • @#middleeast 
  • @#7 
  • If you have additional questions or would like to request Khaleesi to join your channel please visit us on Undernet in #undernetkitchen. You can also find me on Evilnet in #evilnet

Fun stuff

Who doesn’t like to show affection towards another chatter? 
.kiss Nick
Sometimes people get on our nerves and we want to reach out and slap them. Now you can give them a virtual slap with this command.
.slap Nick
You can now flirt with that special someone on the channel.
.flirt Nick
Yes, I know this may sound disgusting but hey we are all adults right? So why not have a little tongue action 
.lick Nick
This command will kick the person of your choosing in various body parts. Be careful because the people who have access to the bot not only will it trigger this action but the bot will kick them from the channel too.
.kik Nick
A simple poke.
.poke Nick
This is the one I love the most. Maybe because I love spanking.
.spank Nick
When you want to give someone in the channel a hug.
.hug nick
Everyone loves pizza so why not give a slice to a friend?
.pizza nick
Sometimes you just want to smack someone in the face. Now you can without any worries.
.smack nick
Let’s face it! Some people need to be beaten.
.beat nick
Khaleesi likes to burn people and things in order to get what she wants. Now you can too.
.burn nick
tr (troll)
On those days when people get on your nerves, you can now turn them into channel trolls.
.tr nick
One of many ways to kill a person.
.kill nick
When killing is not enough.
.murder nick
What more can I say about this one?
.kidnap nick
Being from Louisiana, we tend to see and hear a lot about voodoo. Now I bring it to IRC for everyone else to enjoy.
.voodoo nick
Have you ever wanted to skin a person alive?
.skin nick
People get hungry. Why not cook them something to eat.
.food nick
Everyone loves to eat chicken no matter how it’s cooked
.chicken nick
This one really doesn’t need to be explained.
.coffee nick
I couldn’t leave out the tea drinkers.
.tea nick
For those hard times at work and you need to prop up your feet and relax.
.vodka nick
This one is similar to tea but it is mainly mint tea.
.mint nick
Who doesn’t love cookies?
.cookie nick
When you drink mint tea at the shop and are being pressured into buying a rug.
.rug nick
Now you can stab someone.
.stab nick
This is for beer lovers.
.beer nick
Another version of beer but more brand-specific.
.corona nick

BlackTools 2.5.3 Created by BLaCkShaDoW

Khaleesi is using BlackTools 2.5.3 Created by BLaCkShaDoW so some of the previous commands have changed. You can find out more on his website tclscripts.net

b– ban a user from a channel for a specified ban-time. If you do not specify a [period] will be used default value, but if you specify 0 will become a permanent ban (blacklisted). example: .b <nick / host> [-level] [period] [global] [reason] ; Khaleesi b <nick / host> [-level] [period] [global] [reason] ; (PRIVMSG) b <#chan> <nick / host> [-level] [period] [global] [reason]

Black ban a user for UNLIMITED time (permanent ban). Example: .black <nick / host> [reason] ; Khaleesi black <nick / host> [reason] ; (PRIVMSG) black <#chan> <nick / host> [reason]

dr ban a user with a default DRONE reason. Example:  .dr <nick / host> ; Khaleesi dr <nick / host> ; (PRIVMSG) dr <#chan> <nick / host>

Bot ban a user with a default BOT reason. Example: .bot <nick / host> ; Khaleesi bot <nick / host> ; (PRIVMSG) bot  <#chan> <nick / host>

n sets a ban on a given NICKNAME. example: .n <nick> ; Khaleesi n <nick> ; (PRIVMSG) n <#chan> <nick> 

id sets a ban on a given IDENT. If a user nickname is specified, eggdrop will automatically take his ident.
Example: .id <nick> / ident> ; Khaleesi id <nick / ident> ; (PRIVMSG) id <#chan> <nick / ident> 

Spam ban a user with a default SPAM reason. Example: .spam <nick / host> ; Khaleesi spam <nick / host> ; (PRIVMSG)  spam <#chan> <nick / host> 

bw ban a user with a default reason. example: .bw <nick / host> ; Khaleesi bw <nick / host> ; (PRIVMSG) bw  <#chan> <nick / host> 

vr bans a user with a default VIRUS/TROJAN reason. Example: .vr <nick / host> ; Khaleesi vr <nick / host> ; (PRIVMSG) vr <#chan> <nick / host>

Gag silence/mute (cannot write on channel) a user for a period of time. If you do not specify a [period] will be used a default value. Example: .gag <nick> [period] [reason] ; Khaleesi gag <nick> [period] [reason] ; (PRIVMSG) gag  <#chan> <nick> [period] [reason]. 

unGag remove the gag from a specified user. Example: .ungag <nick / host> ; Khaleesi ungag <nick / host> ; (PRIVMSG) ungag <#chan> <nick / host>

Troll bans a user with a default TROLL reason. Example: troll <nick> ; Khaleesi troll <nick> ; (PRIVMSG) troll  <#chan> <nick>   ShowTroll is an extra option for the Troll command that, once activated, makes the eggdrop to display a notice message list of current trolls of the day, when users with access join the channel (the list is reset every day
at midnight). .set (+/-)showtroll ; Khaleesi set (+/-)showtroll ; (PRIVMSG) set <#chan> (+/-)showtroll 

mb bans a given nickname automatically on IDENT with a given reason. Example: .mb <nick> [reason] ;  Khaleesi  mb <nick> [reason] ; (PRIVMSG) mb <#chan> <nick> [reason] 

ub removes a ban from a specified channel (supports wildcards). ATTENTION: If you specify ONLY * the eggdrop removes all channel bans. Examples: .ub <nick / *host* / id> [global] ; Khaleesi ub <nick / *host* / id> [global] ; (PRIVMSG) ub <#chan> <nick / *host* / id> [global]

sb search and/or show details about a given ban (support wildcards). Example:  .sb <host / nick> [global] ; Khaleesi sb <*host* / nick> [global] ; (PRIVMSG) sb <#chan> <*host* / nick> [global]

BanList show the list of banned masks that are active on the specified channel. Example: .banlist <user / all> / other / global> ; Khaleesi banlist <user / all / other / global> ; (PRIVMSG) banlist <#chan> <user / all / other / global>

BanStats is a module that will allow the eggdrop to keep statistics of each kick and ban given on a specified channel. 
Example: .set (+/-)banstats ; Khaleesi set (+/-)banstats ; (PRIVMSG) set <#chan> (+/-)banstats
 .banstats <total / reset> ; Khaleesi banstats <total / reset> ; (PRIVMSG) banstats <#chan> <total / reset>

k kicks (removes) a user from a specific channel. Reason is optional. Example:  .k <nick> [reason] ; Khaleesi k <nick> [reason] ; (PRIVMSG) k <#chan> <nick> [reason]

w deliver a warning by a kick to a user with a given reason. Example:  .w <nick> ; Khaleesi w <nick> ; (PRIVMSG) w <#chan> <nick>

is used to give/remove op (@) to/from a specified user.  If no nick is specified, and you are not opped on the channel, it will op (@) you.
 .o <nick1> <nick2>.. ; Khaleesi o <nick1 <nick2>.. ; (PRIVMSG) o <#chan> <nick1 <nick2>.. .o + (massop) ; .o – (massdeop)

 v is used to give/remove voice (+v) to/from a specified user.  If no nick is specified, and you are not voiced on the channel, it will voice (+v) you.
.v <nick1> <nick2>.. ; Khaleesi v <nick1 <nick2>.. ; (PRIVMSG) v <#chan> <nick1 <nick2>..[15:00] -Khaleesi- [MAN] .v + (massvoice) ; .v – (massdevoice)
ho gives/removes halfop (+h %) to/from a specified user.  If no nick is specified, and you are not halfoped on the channel, it will halfop you (rarely used).
 .ho <nick> ; Khaleesi ho <nick> ; (PRIVMSG) ho <#chan> <nick>

Say makes the eggdrop say a specified text to a channel.  .say [#chan] <text> ; Khaleesi say [#chan] <text> ; (PRIVMSG) say <#chan> <text>

Act makes the eggdrop do a specified action (/me) in a specified channel.  .act <text> ; Khaleesi act <text> ; (PRIVMSG) act <#chan> <text>

Broadcast allows you to send messages to all channels the eggdrop is in.  .broadcast <message> ; Khaleesi broadcast <message> ; (PRIVMSG) broadcast <message>

i invites a specified user to a specified channel .i <nick> ; Khaleesi i <nick> ; (PRIVMSG) i <#chan> <nick>

t sets a topic with your desired text.  .t <text> ; Khaleesi t <text> ; (PRIVMSG) t <#chan> <text>
 To include in topic the handle of the user who changed it, use: .set +showhandle

Cycle makes the eggdrop cycle (/hop), or part and re-join, a specified channel.  .cycle [time / reason] ; Khaleesi cycle [time / reason] ; (PRIVMSG) cycle <#chan> [time / reason]

Man is the command used to read the BlackToolS manual.  Display information about how to use or set each commands, protections and modules.
 .man <command> ; Khaleesi man <command> ; (PRIVMSG) man <command>

mode applies or removes a mode on a specified channel.  .mode (+/-)<modes> ; Khaleesi mode (+/-)<modes> ; (PRIVMSG) mode <#chan> (+/-)<modes>

Kiss Marry Kill
I saw this on a bot on another network and wanted to use it myself. I wasn’t able to find it online so I asked someone to recreate it for me. So with this game, the command is !kmk. The bot will then chose three people from the channel at random. Keep in mind if the channel has less than 4 people in it then the script will not work. The first k tells you who you should kiss. The m tells you who you should marry. The last k tells you who you should kill. Please keep in mind this is only for fun and shouldn’t be taken seriously.


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